To my class of 2019, earlies coming in!

Congratulations to Sydney on Washington U in St. Louis!
Congratulations to Jonathan G on Stanford!
Congratulations to Joanna L on Stanford!
Congratulations to Leo Y on U Penn Wharton School of Business!
Congratulations to Emily H on U of Chicago economics!

To my class of 2018 .....

Congratulations to Aleksandra on Vanderbilt, Northwestern, and Johns Hopkins!
Congratulations to Beverly on UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Johns Hopkins! 
Congratulations to Catherine on Yale, Princeton, and Stanford! 
Congratulations to Eloy on Carnegie Mellon and Georgia Tech!
Congratulations to James on UChicago and Yale!
Congratulations to Jennifer L. on Carnegie Mellon, USC, and Tufts!
Congratulations to Jennifer S. on Washington U in St. Louis and Bard!
Congratulations to Jim on UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Middlebury!
Congratulations to Jonathan on Carleton, Colorado College, & UC Berkeley
Congratulations to Julia H. on Carnegie Mellon and UCSD!
Congratulations to Julia Q. on Harvard!
Congratulations to Kelly on Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, and UMichigan!
Congratulations to Krish on U of Illinois Urbana Champagne!
Congratulations to Laura on UChicago!
Congratulations to Mica on Claremont McKenna!
Congratulations to Rohit on U of Illinois Urbana Champagne!
Congratulations to Richard on UMichigan!
Congratulations to Sharon on Stanford!
Congratulations to Vishnu on Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Stanford!


           Jean Marie Merkhofer
College Consultant 

Applying to college can be  a daunting process, and I can make it easier. 
 I am an experienced college consultant who gets results. 
In a comfortable home environment, I provide personalized advice in: 

  • Exploring majors
  • Finding the perfect college fit
  • Writing a winning college essay
  • Organizing and staying on track with application deadlines 
  • Practicing Interview skills

I specialize in the top 100 colleges including ivy league schools, and my students are now attending Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Williams, Northwestern, Duke, Wharton School of Business, UC Berkeley, and UCLA, among many others. Please ask me for my references

Are you worried about your English or nervous about completing admissions forms?  I can guide you through the process. 

This is not a volume business that uses cookie cutter methods. I provide a very personalized process tailored for each specific student. 

Affordable hourly rates and packages are available. Just need one hour? That's OK.  There is no obligation for on-going tutoring.

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