College Essays

  • What makes you stand out?
  • What is the single most important attribute to demonstrate?
  • Why are the first two lines so critical?

I can answer these questions and help you develop a winning essay.

The essay is the window on your personality and your scholarly potential. Who are you? What makes you tick? How did you get that way? To compete, it is critical to develop an interesting, insightful essay to enhance your application package. You must position yourself as a unique and desirable member of the college community. Why should they pick you?

If you are about to draft an essay on a sports epiphany, your junior church trip to South America, or your acculturation to the US, stop the presses. These are the three most common themes. Unless you are a dazzling writer, you need a new idea.

It's time to be creative. I help students with concept, tone, timing, and phrase turning. Having trouble getting started? No worries. I have techniques that will help.

I specialize in pitch and presentation. What is Stanford looking for? How do you appeal to Harvard? There is no magic formula, but understanding the values of your dream college can greatly enhance your chances.

I will assist in every way except write your essay for you. Your voice and ideas are critical; never let anyone take them away from you.

Don't be nervous! You will be surprised what you can do!

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