College Search

In choosing a college, a good fit is everything. A good fit is more than finding a school with the right major, on the right coast, and with the right name. The school should meet academic, professional, social, and emotional needs. Fit can make the difference between making life-long professional contacts and being a recluse. Just as each company has a corporate culture, each school has a campus culture. In my experience, happy students perform better, and unhappy students come home.

You need a good fit.

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  • I carefully assess each student for needs, preferences, and personality
  • I perform a search of appropriate colleges and provide you with a detailed spreadsheet of possibilities as well as my top 10 recommendations.
  • I advise you of all college application requirements and deadlines.
  • I coach in interview skills.
  • I assist with "student brag sheets" for counselors and recommending teachers.

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